One Comic At A Time

A new adventure in trying to feel okay

David Milgrim
3 min readMay 12, 2022


I always wanted to do a comic strip. It’s what I originally set out to do when I went into art, back in 1980. In the 42 ensuing years, I’ve done a number of other things, but no strip.

Meanwhile, as I was busy avoiding my deepest passions for four decades, the comic strip market was decimated. Whatever is left of series comics is primarily happening online, and mostly for free. So I started thinking that the time is finally right. I mean, how can I resist throwing my hat into that ring? With a grand prize of tens or possibly hundreds of dollars PER year, it’s just too irresistible.

Is this coloring as good, better, or worse?

This is very much the beginning of the exploration. I’m still working out the art, characters, and writing (aka everything). But today, such preliminary stages of previously private personal and artistic development now also happen online, in public, so I’m sharing the progress.

I’m still figuring out what everyone looks like.

Obviously, this whole thing could easily end up as time-traveling bonobos trying to make a go of it in the fast-paced future world of brain-implanted advertising.

Feel free to share your impressions and comments! Let me know if you like it and what’s working or not. It’s the fun and value of posting early work like this. I also have no idea how to launch this. Give me a shout if you have any thoughts on that!

You can subscribe to this strip and figure it out with me here!

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Trying to feel okay, one comic at a time